The art of translation is much more than just the conversion of text from one language to another language. Superior writing skills and a thorough knowledge of the subject are combined to accurately convey the meaning of the original text, while capturing the style and voice of the speaker, and avoiding a literal mapping of one word for another. Global Arena has the experience, expertise and cutting edge technology to provide translation services for a vast array of businesses in over 200 languages.

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Document translation

Our three-step process of translation, editing and proofreading ensures an accurate translation, perfectly targeted to your intended audience. We work with an extensive network of thoroughly tested and highly experienced translators, editors and proofreaders, who display extensive subject knowledge and linguistic sensitivity. Our multilingual in-house project management team have studied languages, and are bilingual or tri-lingual speakers, as well as being well-versed in different dialects, languages and linguistic locales.


Transcreation is ideal for use in marketing and advertising materials. It goes beyond direct content translation or localization; often involving a looser translation, less literal and taking a more flexible approach to ensure that the translation recreates the message, feeling, culture, tone, references and word play of the source text. Using the transcreation process, Global Arena can properly convey the entirety of the message factoring in style, images, emotions and cultural background.


We can create a written transcript of audio or video content in virtually any format. Transcriptions can then be translated into other languages for voiceover or dubbing. Time stamps are inserted at regular intervals, ensuring that any translation is the same audio length as the original.

Desktop Publishing

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the process of recreating print materials in a foreign language to mirror the original document in format and style, while adhering to the typesetting conventions and typographical norms of the target language. Our desktop publishing teams have extensive experience working with all languages and software programs to recreate a foreign language version of the original document, without compromising the target language’s linguistic and syntactic rules and norms.

Terminology Management

A translation memory contains parallel pairs of source and target text segments and stores them for future reference or use, ensuring stylistic and terminological consistency across a range of documents even if they are translated by different teams. The more extensive the translation memory becomes, the more cost-effective and time-efficient translations and updates will be.

Software & Website Localization

With comprehensive understanding of current IT standards, new software trends and program releases, we can handle website and software translations on many different platforms and a variety of environments.


Interpreting provides verbal communication between two parties who do not share a common language. We have the experience and resources to provide face-to-face and telephonic interpreting services in more than 200 languages. Interpreting may be simultaneous or consecutive.

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Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence or an idea, and then interprets the speaker’s words into the target language. We provide consecutive interpreting services for many industries, focusing on the healthcare, legal, educational and business sectors.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is preferred for conferences and meetings in which a great deal of information has to be conveyed to a larger audience. When interpreting simultaneously, the participants wear headphones, and the interpreter interprets the speaker’s words into the target language while the speaker is speaking. Due to the tremendous level of concentration required to perform this type of work, simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs, taking turns to interpret in 15-20 minute blocks. Usually, the interpreters work in a sound-proof booth, allowing them to focus without distraction of external noises. The use of audio equipment also means that there is no limit to the number of people who can participate.

Telephonic Interpreting

In cases when a short discussion is required, in emergency medical situations, and/or when no advanced warning can be given, telephonic interpreting can be used to gain immediate access to an interpreter at any time of day or night. Clients are issued with a unique access code and provided with a toll free number granting 24/7 access the telephonic platform and thousands of interpreters in hundreds of languages.

Online Scheduler

Our online scheduling platform is the most effective method of scheduling and tracking requests for face-to-face interpreters. This interactive and user-friendly tool allows clients to request, change or void interpreting assignments on an individual level and view company-wide interpreting requests, while providing real-time performance and reports.

We offer a variety of language training services built around a needs-based training methodology. Each training program is tailored to fit the individual needs of the student. Our know-how, in-house training coordinators and extensive network of trainers allow us to provide quality, individualized programs, coupled with personal customer service virtually anywhere in the world.
Our language training programs feature the use of the target language from the very first session, and are highly interactive; they may use a combination of methodologies, including presentation, discussion, case studies, skills practice and visual media and can be provided in person or using videoconferencing tools.

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Immersion Programs

Immersion training is the most effective and efficient way to learn a new language. These programs are designed specifically for professionals who need to conduct business in a new language as quickly as possible. Following an initial assessment, the program is created with a focus on the quick development of language skills for general daily use and specific to the learner’s field of business. This program provides an intensive learning experience, immersing the learner in the target language in a stimulating and comprehensive format.

Personal and Group Training Programs

One-on-one, duo and group trainings are available. Following an initial assessment, the program will be created and materials selected based on the students’ current language levels and desired areas of focus. Class sessions are typically held at the student’s office or home, or other location of their choice. Classes can be taken during daytime hours, evenings, early mornings and on weekends. The length of the sessions is customized to the students’ availability.

Online Language Training Programs

We provide a comprehensive foreign language-learning program that combines the richness and quality of its language classes with the flexibility and interactive features of multimedia. Currently available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Dutch, the course applies speech-recognition technology along with various interactive activities to help develop the essential skills needed to communicate: oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression, vocabulary and grammar.

Accent Modification Training

The accent-modification program applies to professionals who would like to enhance their communication skills commensurate with their professional capabilities. This program does not attempt to eliminate the person’s accent, but rather improve and maximize their ability to communicate effectively in a business setting.

Significant cultural characteristics among people of different backgrounds may impede communication and hinder effective business relations. Intercultural training raises awareness of these differences and builds knowledge of other cultures to ultimately drive business goals and succeed in a global market.

Health Care   Legal   Government   Construction   Transportation   Manufacturing   Chemical   Pharmaceutical   Retail   Technical   Insurance   Finance   Personal and Business Services   Real Estate   Relocation Industry


Relocation Training

Relocation Training adjusts trainees to the social and business backgrounds of a specific country, including country-specific values, behaviors, customs and traditions. Trainees receive a comprehensive overview of the host country facilitating their transition abroad.

Global Teams

Whether interacting with a diverse group in person or electronically, this program raises awareness and understanding of the dynamics and challenges of operating in global teams. Trainees gain the tools, techniques and strategies to become effective global leaders and reduce cultural and business liabilities due to misunderstandings or miscommunications. Streamlines communication and enhances performance to become higher producers in a global environment.

Executive or Manager Coaching

Improves a manager’s ability to identify new business avenues while at the same time reducing lost opportunities due to cultural insensitivity. Increases awareness of cultural differences in management, marketing, and human resources practices, thereby increasing a company’s global competitiveness. Knowledge and understanding of cultures and cultural differences are the essentials for business and organizational success in today’s world.

Doing Business Globally

Our Doing Business Globally Training examines the social and business environments of a specific country while aiding in the understanding of the impact that cultural values and customs have on global business goals. Compares the management, negotiation and decision-making styles of the two countries to reveal what adjustments or considerations are needed for harmonizing the two styles.

Repatriation Training

Assists expatriates in making a smooth transition back into their home country after an international assignment, identifying the enhanced skills they can now contribute.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

A diverse global workforce brings different perspectives and backgrounds that contribute to the development of innovative solutions. Working and leading across cultures, gender and generational diversity is key to thriving in a diverse and multicultural workforce environment.

Global Arena provides a dedicated support network to the global mobility industry, offering a suite of ancillary services to both international and relocation companies, their clients, the assignees and their families.

Health Care   Legal   Government   Construction   Transportation   Manufacturing   Chemical   Pharmaceutical   Retail   Technical   Insurance   Finance   Personal and Business Services   Real Estate   Relocation Industry


Repatriation Training

This fully customized program explores the life transition of repatriation. It enables the returning assignee and their family to explore and better understand the cultural, psychological, social and workplace issues involved during this transition. We offer a two-prong approach: An informational element that presents an understanding of the four stages of adjustment, the effect on children and suggested strategies to deal with the challenges. The second aspect is an applied component, which incorporates specific activities designed to strategize and apply the information learned to the assignee’s unique situation.

Destination Services

We provide relocation service support, including familiarization tours and settling-in support. It is an individualized suite of services, ideal for employees relocating for business purposes. Our tailored approach covers every aspect from orientation tours to finding schools, from settling-in programs to career-counseling for partners. Our programs focus on giving advice and support to both the assignee and any accompanying family members, helping them to feel at ease with their relocation. Components may include pre-assignment trip, school search, welcome orientation, area tour, assistance with utilities, banking, ID card, driver’s license etc.

Language Training

Global Arena can provide language classes at origin, before an assignee and their family relocates and upon arrival, once they have settled into their new surroundings. Training programs are tailored to each member’s specific needs; the assignee may need to focus on business language, whereas the spouse may have more need for day-to-day conversation and children can build on the social and academic demands of school.


Intercultural training sessions provide a wealth of information to give the global employee a cultural background and understanding to the area they will be living in and how it correlates to their own cultural background. Learning about a country’s approaches to business, cultural priorities, subjects to be avoided, and sense of humor will all help the assignees and their families integrate into the local community and business world.


Global Arena provides quick, accurate and certified translations of any official document in any language, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, school records, academic transcripts, driver’s licenses and other legal documentation.


Global Arena’s telephonic interpreters are available 24/7 to provide over-the-phone assistance in over 200 languages. Whether the assignee needs immediate help at an immigration hearing, dealing with utility companies and managing household affairs or navigating the administrative challenges of everyday life, our interpreters are available.

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